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A Double Dip

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It wasn’t more than a week ago that we were feeling the sunshine splendor of Spring.  Yes indeed, the long winter is finally past.  It’s time to break out the ice cream and make it a double dip!  Unfortunately, Mother Nature has other plans.  Gone for now, are the warming rays of sun.  We’ve all been forced to change from shorts to overcoats!  A cold weather system has already brought cold weather to us earlier this week; this weekend brings in another round, it may even be colder.  So don’t put your frost cloths, sheets and such, away just yet. That’s what we call A Double Dip. It’s a springtime Mother Nature special!


Even with a weather reversal, the gardening March brings, is undeniable! However, you are going to want to be mindful of what needs to be done to prepare.  Click here for a Bates Nursery Botanical Bootcamp video that deals directly with springtime freezes.   It is a good idea to have a selection of old sheets or other light coverings, to place over plants, that perhaps have jumped the gun.  Freezing weather normally won’t do severe damage to your established shrubbery, but everyone has plants that are only now beginning to recover from the Christmas Freeze. 


We're certain you have many gardening questions; submit them here.  You are also welcome to post questions on our Bates Nursery or At Home Show Facebook or Instagram pages. We answer those questions every Saturday morning on, “The At Home Show” live at 8a; available for streaming, anytime, at your convenience.  Gardening is all about timing. We are here to help you get, and keep your timing right.


By the way, we’re still looking to fill a few slots in our checkout area, Paula Crawford can give you all the details.  We are especially in need of Sunday afternoon point-of-sale operators; ask Paula (615-876-1014) about the special seasonal deal we have for our ‘front line’ folks! 


We’re now open seven days a week: Monday – Saturday 9a, ‘til 4p; Noon – 4p Sundays. 


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