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A Cool Earth Day

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A Cool Earth Day

Our roses have arrived! Must see to believe!


As Earth Day weekend approaches, most of us are eager to get outside and resume working on our gardens and participating in other outdoor activities. However, with the forecast calling for rain on Friday evening, and cooler temperatures, there are a few things to keep in mind before you head outside.


When it comes to gardening, rain is obviously, a good thing. It provides much-needed moisture for plants and can help them thrive with reduced maintenance. However, you'll want to make sure to avoid walking on wet soil, as this can lead to compaction and possibly damage to your plants' roots, not to mention making a mess.  Instead, try to work from the edges of your garden beds and use a tarp or wheel barrow to put excess soil onto/into.  This helps to reduce the mess as well.


Ultimately, the key to enjoying Earth Day weekend, despite the rain and cooler temperatures, is to be prepared and flexible. Embrace the weather and try to find joy in the small moments, whether that's admiring the raindrops on a flower petal or sipping a warm cup of tea after a day spent outside digging in the dirt.


When growing plants organically, you obviously want the best soil.  That is why we developed the EarthMix® line of products.  Our EarthMix® Garden™ has been specifically formulated with every measure possible providing a living, productive soil.  We use no chemical additives, only the best stuff that Mother Nature provides.  Once you use EarthMix® your plants will show you the difference, and as we like to say “Success in Gardening Begins at the Ground Level”.  That is true with every EarthMix® product we produce.


We have stocked the greenhouse to the gills again with several truckloads of annuals and veggies and color galore. We have the staff that is ready, willing and able to answer your gardening questions.  


Jot down your gardening inquiries and submit them here.  We answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


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