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A Cold Shoulder

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A Cold Shoulder

Tune in to, “The At Home Show” on Facebook Live Saturday from 8-9a!


We have passed our average last frost date.  Right on cue, we received an average frost; actually it was slightly above average (or is it below?), because in many areas, a freeze was received.  Here at the nursery, we experienced low temperatures of 26.8 and 30.8 on consecutive nights.  Not just frosts, freezes. Rest assured, we spent a lot of time and resources protecting tender plants and new growth from these freezes.  It is my hope you did as well.  If you look outside and see your crape myrtles looking brown, where only two days ago there was new bright green growth emerging, do not be dismayed.  It will come back out.  However, if you simply couldn’t stand it and just had to plant warm season vegetables, you’re luck may have been compromised, along with the life of your warm season vegetable plants.


Mother Nature can be a fickle friend.  She worries not, about how difficult our gardening lives can become, with a well-placed frigid night or two.  Even though experience tells us to delay warm season gardening, her allure of eighty-degree days is most powerful.  She certainly has a way of demonstrating exactly who is in charge. It would seem we are able to ignore the calendar completely.  So are the frosts now over?  Statistically, yes.  Guess what?  Mother Nature couldn’t care less about stats.  She simply does what she does.


For over 22 years, Josh Cary and I have been doing a landscaping and home improvement show called, “The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates”(click here).  Until recently, we have only been on radio.  Even though our faces are best suited for that medium, we are nonetheless doing a weekly video broadcast on our Facebook page. It is a call in show.  You can call-in live, or leave a message now.  There’s a chance we might answer it on Saturday between 8-9a, 615-499-6690.


We have what you want, in-store, or online: www.batesnursery.com, for curbside pickup or delivery.


David Bates


*Remember: 2 Adults only per vehicle; no children and no pets #ShopAlone


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