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C50-Juniperus / Juniper #7 4' Juniperus vir Idyllwild/ Upright Juniper Native (TN)

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Left to its natural shape, or lightly trimmed, this attractive, comparatively slender pyramidal native is perfect for screens or as an outdoor Christmas tree, offering rich green foliage year-round. Supportive to native wildlife, but resistant to deer.

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Product Details

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Juniperus virginiana 'Idyllwild'

COMMON NAME: Idyllwild Eastern Red Cedar

GARDEN SIZE: 15-20 ft. tall x 5-7 ft. wide


USDA ZONE: 4 to 9


WATER & SOIL: Well-drained soil; Average water requirements

HABIT (FORM): Pyramidal

FOLIAGE: Evergreen; green


FRUIT: Blue berry-like cones in Fall, Spring, and Winter

PLANT ORIGIN: Native to the eastern north American continent, from Canada to Florida and from Colorado to the Atlantic.

WILDLIFE SUPPORT: Attracts Songbirds; Deer resistant. For butterflies and moths, it supports the Olive Hairstreak, the Imperial Moth, the Whitemarked Tussock moth, Periploca laeta, and Periploca mimula, among many others. For some, this is the only observed native host in our area.   

FERTILIZING: Feed in spring and fall with acidic organic fertilizer

PRUNING: Minimal shearing required. Hand pruning is preferred. Late winter or early summer is best.

PET SAFETY: ASPCA safety not provided

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