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C60-Picea / Spruce #6 Picea pun Avatar/ Colorado Blue Spruce

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For a classic blue spruce, look no further than Avatar! Reaching up to 20' tall, it's luxurious silvery blue needles stand out in a sea of green.

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Product Details

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Picea pungens 'Avatar'
COMMON NAME: Avatar Blue Spruce
GARDEN SIZE: 20.0 ft. tall x 15.0 ft. wide
GROWTH RATE: Fast (up to 12-15" per year under ideal conditions)
EXPOSURE: Full Sun to Partial Sun
WATER & SOIL: Prefers well-drained soil and has average water requirements.
HABIT (FORM): Broad Upright, layered branch pattern
FOLIAGE: Evergreen conifer; blue
FRUIT: n/a
PLANT ORIGIN: the Rocky Mountains of the United States
WILDLIFE SUPPORT: Provides winter cover and nesting areas for small mammals and birds.
FERTILIZING: Feed in spring and fall with acidic organic fertilizer.
PRUNING: Minimal shearing required. Hand pruning in late winter or early summer is best if you do decide to trim them.
PET SAFETY: May be toxic in large amounts, but not commonly eaten by pets. Always research further if you have concerns, as reactions can occur with anything.
USES: Useful for screening or as a focal point in larger landscapes.

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