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D45-Hydrangea #3 Hydrangea serr PW Let's Dance 'Can Do'/ Bigleaf Lacecap Rebloom Pink to Violet

Home / #3 Hydrangea serr PW Let's Dance 'Can Do'/ Bigleaf Lacecap Rebloom Pink to Violet

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Brand: D45-Hydrangea
Article number: 238337
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Product Details

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Let's Dance Can Do!® Hydrangea serrata 'SMNHSI' USPP 32,548, Can PBRAF

COMMON NAME: Let's Dance Can Do!® Reblooming hydrangea

GARDEN SIZE 3-4 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide



EXPOSURE: Full sun, part sun (4 hours or more of sun each day, morning sun is best)

WATER & SOIL: Prefers moist, well-drained soil; will need additional water in times of drought. Cannot tolerate wet conditions.

HABIT (FORM): Mounded

FOLIAGE: Deciduous, Green

FLOWERS: Rich violet-purple in acidic soils, saturated pink in basic ones. Blooms on new and old wood during the summer.

CARE: Minimal pruning is needed, but if necessary light trimming can be done after the first flush of blooms. If damaged branches need to be removed, they can be trimmed in spring when it’s easier to tell where new growth is occurring. Fertilize in the early spring and in the late spring with Holly-tone or a similar fertilizer. Do not fertilize any later than late July or it can cause new growth while the plant should be going dormant.

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