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Perfect for cold climates where winter temps dip below zero, Hill's Hardy Rosemary boasts light blue blooms on upright stems.

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SCIENTIFIC NAME: Rosmarinus officinalis Hill's Hardy
COMMON NAME: Hills Hardy Rosemary
GARDEN SIZE: 36-40 inches tall x 36-48 inches wide
WATER & SOIL: Well-draining, preferably rocky soil. Allow to go almost dry between waterings. Do not over water!
HABIT (FORM): Upright, compact
FOLIAGE: Semi-evergreen; fragrant
FLOWERS: Small, light blue in early-to midspring
PLANT ORIGIN: Mediterranean
WILDLIFE SUPPORT: Flowers feed many pollinators, but the plant is not a host for native species. Deer and rabbit resistant.
FERTILIZING: Feed lightly in late winter or early spring with compost or an organic fertilizer. Bone meal in the early fall may help with overwintering.
PRUNING: Trim lightly after flowering to promote next season's growth. Pruning by 1/4 to 1/3 in early summer at least once a year rejuvenates the plants.
ASPCA Toxicity flags (see their site for details): Dogs, Cats, Horses
USES: Often used in the kitchen for culinary purposes, or for aromatics and aromatherapy.

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