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(above: Little Lime Hydrangea fall show)


20% off ALL* deciduous trees and bagged EarthMix® Landscape™!


We all come from somewhere. In fact, most of us come from somewhere else. That is to say, we live in a region where moving in from somewhere else is more the rule than the exception. As a native Nashvillian, I have come to appreciate the vast melting pot Music City has become. People are forever on the move. Some moves take folks across the country, while others just move across town. It can be a perplexing conundrum, as to exactly where; we should put our roots down.


The same thing holds true in our gardens. Often times, we put a plant in a spot we are certain it will live in perpetuity. After the passage of time however, it becomes apparent that our selection is over-growing the area or is poorly suited for the conditions under which we want it to grow. Fortunately, this is the season for transplanting. Actually, this is just the beginning of the season for transplanting. From now through the end of February, your opportunity is at hand.


Consequently, I receive many inquiries with regard to transplanting plants and how to go about performing that task. I wrote an article; Transplanting Time, back in November 2008. It's a fairly long and detailed article, but you may want to click on the link and give it a read. In the article, I cover most of the aspects associated with relocation of plants in your landscape; additionally, I also discuss some of the techniques needed to successfully collect plants from nature. Unless you're doing that, the section on root pruning really does not pertain to simple relocation of an existing plant or plants.


Whether you're planting new plants or transplanting existing ones, you need to give consideration to preparing your soil. We want you to save time and get the best results with your fall plantings. Through Wednesday November 24th, (we are closed Thanksgiving Day), you will receive, 20% off 36L bags of EarthMix® Landscape™ and ALL* deciduous trees.


Cool planting weather


David Bates


*Excluding Japanese maples, in store only


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