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Those Dad-Gum Deer

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Those Dad-Gum Deer

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It looks like a picture along a roadside; a group of deer grazing is a beautiful sight.  Put these same animals in your back yard, and it can spell frustration.  For many of us deer are a way of life we have come to accept.  If you live in an area where deer and other wildlife (I am referring to animals; not the local youth) are problematic, you might be inclined to throw up your hands and yell, “Those Dad-Gum Deer!”, or possibly something even harsher.


Your trees, shrubs and flowers often look like an all-you-can-eat buffet to wildlife. Having a feeder or mineral block away from the garden will help keep their focus where you want it to be, away from your plants and flowers. You can try one of the many commercially available deer repellent sprays, but they require frequent re-application, especially after every rain.  Probably the best defense is using plants they find distasteful and fowl smelling…at least to them.


Less appealing plants include: scented geranium, most perennial salvia, oregano, mint, thyme, and rosemary, to name a few.  Distasteful plants include: dwarf Alberta Spruce (as well as most other spruces) juniper of all species, Eastern Red Cedar, Red Buckeye, Elderberry, Boxwood and yarrow to name a few.


Perhaps discovering new species with exciting attributes is where your gardening thoughts currently reside.  That being the case, you most certainly will want to check out this webinar, featuring Brent Grunfeld of Monrovia!  Brent, along with our very own, Tyler Blankenship, discusses many new introductions from America’s premier grower…Monrovia.


Staying attuned to, as well as being a part of nature, is part of what June, and the coming summer brings.  We’re proud to be a sponsor of, Nashville Scene’s “Movies in the Park”, June 2nd, and June 9th at Elmington Park.  The fun starts at 5p, movie at dark, where “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” starts off the great lineup! 


We’ll be discussing dealing with gardening pests, and your questions, on: TAHS!


David Bates


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