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The Sensational Julie

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The Sensational Julie

Twenty-five years of service to everyone associated with Bates Nursery!


You may know Julie Patterson well; then again, you may not know that you know her.  The incomparable Ms. Patterson has personally procured every plant that you, and everyone you know, have purchased at Bates Nursery, for the last twenty-five years.  She works in her own horticultural zone.  Julie is the definitive source, not only for plants, but also for information about plants, and what and where they come from.  Truth be told, Julie knows more about many of our supplier's inventories than they do, she has an incredible mind and an amazing level of attention to detail.


This week marks Julie’s twenty-fifth anniversary at Bates Nursery & Garden Center.  Julie does so much for so many; she orders plants, answers inventory questions, handles special orders, makes sure plants are tagged and properly priced, inventories the plants we have on hand and makes adjustments to inventory numbers where necessary.  She has a near-photographic memory.  Twenty-five years ago she didn’t know a pansy from a petunia; today she is a horticultural authority.  It is no wonder that Julie is easily the most sought after person at Bates Nursery.  She doesn’t wear a cape or have a lasso of truth, but she is most definitely a wonder woman. 


Actually, she is much, much more than some fictional superhero.  The Sensational Julie is real; she lives, and breathes life into everything we do plant-wise.  Julie is also a dear friend to me.  I cannot imagine going through the last quarter century without her here. Time has flown.


Her maternal insight is real; just ask her sons, Shane and Adam Burton.  Adam ‘Burton’ works here full time, Shane Burton worked here for many years also, but you’ll only see him on weekends during busy times; he is now in business for himself.


From the bottom of my heart: Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you Julie!  I am most sure you would like to extend your appreciation to her as well.  Simply click here to send her a note! 


David Bates


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