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It is Spring!

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It is Spring!

Extended hours begin Monday March 25th; open weekdays 8a – 6p!


It is no longer necessary to say that it ‘feels’ like spring.  We need not reassure ourselves that spring is forthcoming.  The time has now arrived to refrain from all future tense references.  Spring was just around the corner, and now so are we.   We have arrived, to every gardener’s delight, to the most anticipated time of year.  It doesn’t matter what you call it: the vernal equinox or primavera or federor printemps.  It has most certainly been worth the wait.  It is spring!


Spring affects us all, though not all the same way.  There is a small group, where it is simply the assurance that the worst of the cold weather has passed.  The thermal base layers can be stashed for the season.  Another rather stoic few seem to observe the season in silent awe, carefully noting each newly flowering tree and shrub.  Their experience is truly in the moment, enjoying every new bouquet that comes with each day’s dawn.  Finally, there is a group that goes bat-guano crazy (I really did not want to use the word ‘guano’, but I felt compelled to provide alternate fecal vernacular usage). This group needs no clarification.  It is the group most of us are in. 


Double fist pumps are permitted.  High fives all around, even with strangers.  Chest bumps should be limited to your personal ‘inner circle’; it rarely goes well introducing this form of joyous expression to persons unfamiliar with this celebratory ritual. Simply smiling from ear-to-ear usually sends the message.  Some wear their ‘I like to Play in the Dirt” shirt. There is one telltale trademark sign that requires no explanation: Soil under the fingernails… that is what I call gardening heaven in reality… it is spring!


Short and sweet: We have it all.  We are here to help you grow the best plants.  We are not here to sell you anything.  We don’t have salespeople; we have landscape professionals.  You are not a customer; you are our guest.


Stop by and visit,


David Bates


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