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Half Past July

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Half Past July

July 15-21: 15% off bags of EarthMix® Landscape™; and everything growing* (*excluding tropical foliage, in-store only)!


It’s half past July; I am all too aware of just how quickly time passes. Summertime is a time for projects. Everything we need to get done around the nursery is best done at this time of year. To be sure, we tend to all things horticultural in nature. There seems to be however, a never-ending stream of other projects to work on.


There is no feeling of reward and accomplishment that compares to setting about to perform a task and completing it.  When that which is to be accomplished is outdoors, in the elements and the weather smiles on you, it only enriches it. Sometimes it is necessary to push through the difficulty of inclement weather.  The reward for completion under those conditions is simply relief.


We are indeed fortunate to have been in business for ninety years. The downside to that is; we have an aging facility. The natural state of disorder is in full force. Over the passage of time, regardless of how well things are built, the ongoing process of deterioration occurs. I think it was Paul Simon who said, “Everything put together falls apart". Another way to describe it is entropy: a gradual decline into disrepair or disorder. Defeating entropy is a full-time job!


Most of us received much needed, and appreciated, rainfall this past week.  It definitely has helped everyone; all plants are rejoicing!  We are therefore extending and expanding our sale, going on now! Through the close of business on July 21st, we will ‘up the ante’  to our BatesRewards members: 15% off all plants*. Whether you need trees, shrubs, edible landscape plants, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, or perennials, all plants*… Everything* that is growing, 15% off, plus 36L bags of EarthMix® Landscape™ are also 15% off!


Reminder: if you have a spot where you need suggestions, take a few pictures, or a short video; it helps us visualize! Remember folks, we have free bottled water on ice for you while you shop, and misting fans!


David Bates


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