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Gardening Inside Out: Cultivating a New Chapter

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Gardening Inside Out: Cultivating a New Chapter

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We’re thrilled to announce that our long-running show, "The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Bates", is blossoming into something new. To better encapsulate the essence of our passion for all things green and growing, we’re introducing a fresh, vibrant name that speaks directly to the heart of our content and community: Gardening Inside Out.


This change is emergent from our desire to connect with more gardeners like you, and to ensure our program's name mirrors the depth and diversity of our gardening discussions. We believe "Gardening Inside Out" will instill a deeper, more meaningful connection with you, and our green spaces.


Fear not, our cherished cast of gardening experts, with our ‘well composted’ knowledge, will remain rooted in the program. Our expertise will continue to flourish as we bring you the same unscripted information and entertainment, you’ve come to love and expect, plus a bit more!


What will branch out further, in addition to the name, is the enhanced search functionality of our content, making it easier for you to find the exact gardening wisdom you seek. This new feature will soon spread to the entire www.batesnursery.com website, cultivating a more user-friendly experience for you and our community.


I invite you to 'Subscribe' to our newly named YouTube channel, Gardening Inside Out. By subscribing, you’ll not only receive alerts for our weekly live broadcasts and newly uploaded episodes, but also support our growth, helping new gardening enthusiasts to discover our unique approach to infotainment about your plants and associated issues…and it’s free!


We’re all about answering your questions!  We have a variety of easily accessible choices: Gardening Inside Out Facebook page; GIO on Instagram, or direct connect through our GIO question portal!


Thank you for being a loyal supporter of Bates Nursery and Garden Center. Your interaction helps to form the landscape of our content. Stay tuned for more exciting changes on the horizon. Together, let’s continue to enrich our growing community with Gardening Inside Out!




David Bates


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