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And So it Begins

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And So it Begins

Extra hours arrive with March; now open Saturdays 9-4p!

March has again arrived, and with it, the warming temperatures that accompany spring.  Even though spring does not officially arrive for a few weeks, Sunday March 20th will be here before you know it!  Many changes occur this time of year.  In addition to temperatures being ‘more to our liking’, longer day length creates ever-increasing opportunities for getting out and digging!  If we do our job correctly, there will be choices to boggle your mind, as well as satisfy your gardening thirst. 


To that end, shipments have begun to arrive.  Our first Iseli Nursery truck has arrived! That truck has significantly ramped up our selections of Japanese maples as well as colorful conifers.  For the fruit lovers, our first shipment of fruit trees has arrived: Peaches, pears, plums, persimmons and a great many other fruits that don’t begin with ‘P’.

In keeping with our Emerald Celebration, 90 years of Bates Nursery, we have not spent the winter, ‘resting on our laurels’, either figuratively or literally. As previously mentioned, we have been busily improving our facility.  Although we have only begun the process of the great spring of 2022, early annual flowers and cold weather vegetables have begun to arrive.  If you’re thinking about tomato plants and other warm season vegetable plants…hold that thought. It is still too early for those.  We will likely have our first selections of those next week…stay tuned!


We have fully stocked the lot; the storage buildings have been emptied.  We have cleaned the pavement and completed construction, at least until summer! We have added some new personnel; if you still have interest in applying, we still have needs.


Tyler, Caroline, Austin, Joy, Adam, Melissa, Ben, and others, have contributed heavily to our Bates Nursery Botanical Boot Camp instructional video series, check out these spring selections by clicking here!  For up-to-the-minute, (at least up-to-the-day) information on timely gardening topics, check out, “The At Home Show”; live Saturdays 8-9a; on demand anytime.  March arrives; milder temperatures, dirt digging, and so it begins…


David Bates


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