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A History of Country Music

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A History of Country Music

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The greatest historian of the late 20th and early 21st century has rolled out his latest effort.  He just happens to use a video format.  He is, of course, Ken Burns Country Music is his latest project, and our fair city, and its most recognizable entertainers from country music’s earliest beginnings, to the end of the previous century, are chronicled.   The sixteen hours of programming are put forth in 8 two-hour episodes.  They trace the chronology of country music.  From Bristol to Bakersfield and all points in between, particularly Nashville, we are treated to a most entertaining and enlightening historical sequence.


Whether you are a Nashville native, or have just made the move to the area, it is a must-see.  If you are a fan of music, not necessarily country, you owe it to yourself to absorb this history lesson.  For me personally, it was quite a stroll down memory lane.  As a lifelong Nashvillian, I have had the privilege of crossing paths with many, and knowing well, several of the individuals featured on this music epic.  I won’t attempt to go down the list; I most surely would overlook someone.  Besides, Brenda Lee told me she heard Vince Gill say that Paul McCartney told him he ‘name drops’ too much… I don’t want to be guilty of that!


Someone is guilty of forgetting to tell the weather that it is now officially fall.  We’re still experiencing above average temperatures and below average rainfall.  Despite that, we are looking with much anticipation at the extended forecast.  We all know cooler temperatures will arrive soon.  Fortunately, water levels at depth are really good, but surface moisture is dwindling.  That doesn’t mean planting is ill advised.  It does mean that gardeners should remain diligent regarding watering.  After all, we grow plants on pavement; it can be done much more easily, once they are in the ground.


We have everything you need to facilitate the transition to fall.  Bring photos.  We’ll help you to make the best choices.


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