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Pine Straw Packaged Bale/Mulch Quickstraw Longleaf

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Up to 2x the amount of a standard bale Covers 100 sqft. at 3in depth 22L x15W x 12H

10-06-2020 15:46

I've purchased about 18 bales of this in the last 2.5 years and have been really pleased. I plan to continue using it. I found that I needed two applications spaced 6 months apart in my first year and that subsequent years I could get by with refreshing it every 9 months or so. At this point, because there is still visible brown straw from the last application, I can put less straw down per SF and still get a nice look. Bottom line... a single bale covers a bit more than the advertised 100 SF once you've got a good base down. Final point, I'm getting very little weed growth as there is a pretty good layer of the old, dead pine straw that weeds don't seem to like growing in. I shopped for other pine straw products and reviews consistently talked about "trash" in the product. From the 18 or so bales I've bought of this product I've found only about 5% of each bale is "trash" (chunks of wood, dirt, pine cones, etc). I go ahead and spread the dust/dirt as it is still a good weed barrier and the wood/cones is easily picked out. I'm obviously a fan of this product even though it is a little pricey and recommend you give it a try. It think I get my money's worth out of it in the long run.

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