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Without Warning

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Without Warning

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For a moment, imagine awakening from your Saturday morning slumber.  You’ve got the weekend ahead, plans have been made.  As your consciousness collects, the thought occurs, “It sure has been storming hard for a while.”  Still half asleep, you put one foot on the floor: ankle deep in waterAdrenaline surges.  You awaken the family, with urgency never before felt.  “Wake up, we’ve got to get out!”  In the brief ensuing moments, while quickly preparing the family to evacuate, the water has already risen to nearly knee depth.  You open the door.  You are trapped.  In an instant, without warning, life has forever changed.


How can we know what has never before occurred? How do we prepare for the unthinkable?  In scenes, more closely resembling hurricane-stricken areas from central America or Indonesia, we have watched and read of the horrors.  At least 20 lives have been lost.  Children have been torn from parent’s arms by ravaging waters.  Families have huddled together in their attics to escape the rising floodwaters. 


The aftermath leaves hundreds of homes destroyed and severely damaged.  The town of Waverly has been devastated. Thousands more in Humphreys, Dickson, Houston, and Hickman counties have been dealt a difficult hand.  Those in the worst areas received at least 15 inches of rain in a 6-hour period, however widespread damage also occurred, where 6-8” of precipitation fell along a corridor of devastation.


Volunteering for physical clean-up and recovery is now being discouraged.  They simply cannot manage more people safely.  But, we can all help.  Please join us in donating to the Tennessee Emergency Response Fund by clicking here.  Established in 2008, TERF says, “Our work will, we know, free nonprofits up to concentrate on delivering those vital services while we “connect generosity with need” and our community sets out to rebuild lives.


We know full well, that this could have happened to any of us. A few miles to the east, and the toll could have exponentially worse. Life occurs, without warning.


David Bates


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