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Whelmed and Gruntled

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Whelmed and Gruntled

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There is a lot going on currently.  We have a flurry of activity in progress at the nursery. There are areas in disarray.  We are excavating.  We are trying to carefully work around irrigation lines and control wires. We are marking areas where only construction personnel may be present.  We are doing our best to work under less-than-perfect weather conditions for earthwork. The clock is running.  Deadlines are present.  Despite all this, we are reasonably whelmed and gruntled.


It would be easy to be overwhelmed and disgruntled.  I don’t know about you, but I really, really like getting my way.  I find it easy to be both whelmed and gruntled, so long as everything is going my way.  The problem is: That rarely occurs.  So, how am I supposed to be okay with life when it does not follow my carefully thought through, and clearly laid out plan? I like being whelmed and gruntled, but I also want to get my way.  Therein lies the problem.


It seems to me that a lot of choice exists when I am presented with what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle.  Initially, the variety of choices available seems limited.  Indeed they are.  Those choices become limited by my internalized temper tantrums that sometimes occur. The obstacle only seems to be insurmountable.  The conflict-laden situation will only become mountablewhen I decide to take a different tack.  As it turns out, it takes work to be whelmed and gruntled


Life has its way of going sideways; I’m better off if I avoid getting bent out of shape over it.  The knowledge of that fact however, does not prevent the occasional outbreak of cranial rectitus.   I believe that condition, is the exact opposite of whelmed and gruntled.


We certainly are not suffering from dry conditions.  It is still a great time to plant.  This week, we are offering you, a BatesRewards member, 20% off of everything that grows!  All plants: trees, shrubs, groundcovers, tropical, foliage….all at 20% off; through July 18, 2019!


David Bates


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