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Well, it is Winter…

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Well, it is Winter…

An extremely mild January start, and a change for the better?


It has been a bit damp, but really mild.  We all know it is January, and it can’t last.  Nor should it.  Here we are, beyond the midway point of the month, and we haven’t even seen freezing temperatures.  This too shall pass.  With the beginning of the new week, we will begin feeling a bit of a chill.  It will be nothing dramatic, but definitely noticeable.  In exchange for more seasonable temperatures we will receive sunshine.  Warm temperatures feel nice, but I believe the radiance of old sol is an excellent exchange; our collective mental states appreciate the glow of the sun; at least mine does.


We gardeners know the pitfalls associated with excessive warm temperatures.  Our gardens can be jostled out of their slumber prematurely, and that can spell problems.  Plus, some less experienced fanciers of the flora, invariably start thinking spring.  Not so fast, not yet.  It is often surprising that February brings more true winter conditions than does January.  Fortunately, there is not much flowering happening at this point.  Should you have concerns about these occurrences?  What does it mean if the daffodils begin to push?  If witch-hazel, winter jasmine, and forsythia begin to flower soon, will all blooms be lost? 


Life will likely go on, even if those flowers are lost.  I say get out and enjoy these relatively mild winter days.  Of course, we’d love to have you come out for a visit, but our being closed on weekends this time of year makes that difficult.  There are a great many gardening chores that are well suited for the season.


If you have mature trees in your yard, you can probably stay busy just picking up sticks.  The winter winds bring down quite a lot of dead wood from our trees.  Make a bonfire and break out the marshmallows and hot chocolate. That is always an excellent option, on a clear starry winter’s night.  After all, Mother Nature provides the fuel for free.  Get out and enjoy!


David Bates


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