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We All Have a Story

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 We All Have a Story

Up to Four Flats Free* for the Fourth; Vegetable plants and herbs, free for the taking, plus 10% off EVERYTHING* extended! CLOSED July 4!


July 4th signals the big start to summer.  Although this year will surely be different than any previous year in our lives, it is indeed a time to celebrate and say “Thanks”.  The independence we celebrate at this time of year can represent many things.  Perhaps we each celebrate something, just slightly different, than everyone else.  That choice is no doubt part of being independent.  Those differences are what make us all interesting creatures.  We all have a story; a story worth telling, and being given a listen to.  A story can’t be told unless you have someone’s attention.


Actually, we all have many stories.  We have stories of human interest, of sublime joy, as well as our despair.  We tell our tales of travel, plans for life ahead, and a wistful look down memory lane to times past.  We talk about Uncle Bunch and Aunt Bertha.  We talk about the time that cousin Junior threw brother Richard out of the second floor bedroom window. Some of the stories are even true. 


So, tell your tales.  Don’t be afraid to use an alternate ending.  Lie if you must, but I prefer colorful embellishment.  (Some people confuse those two!) Take the time to absorb every vowel and consume every consonant.  Don’t let fear and common sense get in the way.  Take a chance, tell a tale.  We all have a story.


It’s time to celebrate your independence.  It’s time to revel in your power of choice!  While supplies last, we are giving away to our BatesRewards members free tomato and pepper plants AND 4” pot herbs!  Additionally, we are extending through July 9, 2020, 10% off EVERYTHING*. Everything in-store anyway, that’s right, you must visit to participate!


The At Home Show will air our special July 4th Edition.  Click and Watch online: Facebook – YouTube – Twitter.  The At Home Show with Josh Cary and David Batesworth the cost of clicking.


David Bates


*In-store only


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