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Two Days Only, Today Only

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Two Days Only, Today Only

BatesRewards members get 50% off any* 1 item, BON voting ends Today!


As the summer season draws to a close, so do many other things we associate with the sunny hot conditions.  The Nashville Scene, “Best of Nashville voting ends today, Thursday September 5, 2019.  If you have already voted for us, we thank you!  If you meant to but just haven’t, you have this last chance today, but you must do so before midnight.  Today only.


There are two categories where your vote would be greatly appreciated: Best Nursery/Garden Center and Best Blog. Best Blog (local) is the first listing under “Media & Politics In the Garden with Bates Nursery, is what this blog is called; under “Goods & Services”, scroll down to “Best Nursery/Garden Center” Bates Nursery is all that is needed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


Another thing this time of year means is that the summer sale season is almost over.  We don’t want to let it go without a proper send-off!  For BatesRewards members, (that’s you) you can select any single item and receive it for 50% off, or if you prefer, half price!  You heard right.  Any one item from our extensive inventory is yours for 50% off.


There is probably something you have had your eye on.  You have been hesitant to pull the trigger.  Wait no longer.  This Friday and Saturday is it.  Friday September 6th and Saturday September 7th are the only days this will be offered.  You might have your eye on a southern magnolia.  It might be a Japanese maple that tickles your fancy.  Perhaps you prefer to cut the delivery cost in half.  What ever your heart desires, and we have it in stock, you can get 1 of anything at 50% off!  Two days only.


Here’s the deal: Only one item per BatesRewards household and gift cards are excluded*.  So, you might want to start by taking a look at our website: Search our unrivaled inventory.  Better still, come out and treasure hunt! This Friday and Saturday only.


David Bates



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