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Twenty-five Already?

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Twenty-five Already?

We’re celebrating the 25th Anniversary of The At Home Show!


The At Home Show is considered, by some, to be a popular YouTube broadcast, hosted by Josh Cary and me, David Bates. The show is designed to provide viewers with a variety of home improvement and DIY tips and tricks, as well as insight on the latest information and products in the gardening/home improvement sector.


Josh Cary and I are both experienced home DIY enthusiasts. After 25 years of broadcasting together, we at least appear to be. We, along with our decidedly more youthful co-conspirators, bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the show, and are able to provide practical and useful advice on a wide range of gardening topics, as well as home improvement. The entire supporting cast does an excellent job of making complex concepts, easier to understand.


From time to time, The At Home Show also features interviews with experts in the industry. These guests provide viewers with valuable insights and information from the professionals. The guests on the show have included architects, designers, manufacturers, as well as experts who provide valuable tips/advice on various topics.


No matter whether you are a seasoned gardening enthusiast or a first-time home owner, the show has something to offer. Josh and me, along with Tyler, Caroline, and Austin, are knowledgeable, but fun-loving hosts, and we believe our advice is practical and easy to understand. If you are looking for inspiration and ideas for your next home gardening project, The At Home Show is definitely a worthwhile, watched hour.


As Josh and I celebrate our “Silver Anniversary” of broadcasting together, we encourage you to come along for the ride!  Not only do we broadcast “LIVE” every Saturday morning from 8-9a, along with our capable cast of horticultural experts, we can also be viewed anytime, to fit your schedule!  All shows over the last three years are archived on our site, and we invite your questions; click here, type in your question on the Google form, or look for us on social media: Facebook or Instagram!


David Bates


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