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Twenty Down

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Twenty Down

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The air the last couple of days has been incredibly wonderful.  Although the temperatures are down a bit, it is the humidity that has come way down.  Our relative humidity for the last two days has been at least 20 percent down from earlier in the week.  Actually, it is 20 percent down from what it would normally be this time of year.  Those humidity levels are forecast to hold through the weekend.  We gratefully accept this (albeit temporary) change! 


Mother Nature is doing for us outdoors, what our air conditioning systems do for us indoors.  While it is true that air conditioners make the air feel cooler, they don’t actually ‘cool’ the air.  Technically, they remove the heat.  That might sound like semantics, and you could make a case, but HVAC professionals are adamant.  I guess that is why they aren’t called air coolers.  Our home systems most definitely ‘condition’ the air.  The primary effect is reduction in humidity.


Those of us who work outdoors are better adapted to deal with the heat and humidity. Often others seem to be having a sense of distress where I don’t notice it.  I am old enough to remember when no one had air conditioning.  That is when so many people knew each other so well.  Primarily due to the fact that most summer evenings were spent on the front porch.  You had to be outside in the evenings until the house cooled off enough so that you could sleep with a fan. 


You got to know a lot about what is going on with neighbors by sitting on the porch.  Nowadays that is mostly accomplished via social media.  I don’t think it is quite the same as face-to-face. We didn’t need emoticons back then.  We just looked at the expression on someone’s face.


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David Bates



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