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Trying to Catch our Breath

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Trying to Catch our Breath

Updated in-store hours: Closed Easter Sunday; beginning April 13, Closed Mondays


We’re feeling the effects of Covid-19…indirectly.  Gratefully, no staff member at Bates Nursery has contracted this pandemic, and no one is showing any symptom, but that doesn’t mean we’re not having breathing issues.  The last three weeks have been like living within a vortex.  Despite our best efforts, the mountain of requests we’re facing is ever growing; and we continue to query ourselves as to how we may better serve.  It is clear we can be of benefit to no one if we fail to care for ourselves.


I can fully understand how, from the outside looking in, we may appear to have lost our ‘edge’.  In one way we have.  Exhaustion serves no one well.  The resounding interest and acceptance, that online shopping through our website has received, is greatly appreciated.  We never expected, and we're never prepared for, the level of interest and interaction, that has resulted.  The amount of time required to assemble together, and cart your order, and others’, is considerable.  We’re much more of a face-to-face group.  The products we sell are much the same, most everyone would prefer to see and feel them in person.  We’re not admitting defeat, but we have most surely been, and are being, tested to our collective’s fullest extent. 


So, we acknowledge that we are not currently at our best.  We are enacting some further changes, to give us a chance.  A chance to breathe, and try to catch our breath; there is still a lot of spring to go!


Beginning Monday, April 13, we'll begin closing every Monday.  We desperately need this time to recover from the weekend load of Internet orders.  We've been unable to make any headway, even with greatly shortened hours.  To further reduce the load, we now require a $25 minimum purchase online.  Additionally, we are not currently accepting ‘phone’ orders.  We also encourage you to get the latest up to the minute availability and pricing of plants and other items online at our website:


David Bates


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