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ThREE Days!

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ThREE Days!

ThREE Days!


Special prices, three days only; deciduous, container-grown trees, located on tree lot at 44% off, Plus 44% off EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend!


You read it right.  ThREE days; three days of container-grown trees at 44% off.  All deciduous, container-grown trees located outside of our winter storage facility, on our gravel tree lot are 44% off, but only for ThREE days!  Obviously, these premium trees deserve the best, so we are including in this special sale, EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend also at 44% off


The New Year is coming, only days away.  This sale is only for these last 3 days we are open in 2018.  Wednesday December 26, Thursday December 27, and Friday December 28 are the only days this sale will occur.  We want to do our part to support Root Nashville (you can support them also by clicking here).  The goal is clear: Add 500,000 trees to Nashville by 2050.  They have also provided an excellent portal to catalog your plantings (you can reach that by clicking here).


Let’s end the old year right; we want to sell 44 trees a day for these ThREE days.  You see, 44 is the magic number.  Citizens of Nashville will need to plant 44 trees every day for the next 31 years to achieve the goal of an additional half-million trees in Davidson County.


It is also a great time to stock-up on the best growing medium on Earth, EarthMix® Premium Topsoil Blend.  In addition to saving like never before on these container grown trees, you also can get this top quality product at 44% off(It’s a great time to stock up for future planting!)


This sale is limited to inventory we currently have on-hand.  No special orders.  It is limited to deciduous (that’s the trees that drop their leaves) container grown (not balled and burlapped) on our gravel tree lot (not located inside the building).  We have several hundred trees to choose from.  Shade trees, ornamental trees, fruit trees, EarthMix® PTB all 44% offThREE days!


Happy New Year from your friends at Bates Nursery,


David Bates


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