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This Day on Earth

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This Day on Earth

We have everything to make your earth most productive!


For the last fifty-something years, America has been celebrating Earth Day. Now, the entire world also recognizes the event.  It is not as though earth days just started happening.  It has only been for the last couple of hundred years that we have begun to really press the issue, from the Earth’s prospective.  For the 4.5 billion years prior to the industrial age, there was no significant impact on the environment… unless you count volcanoes. I guess you have to count them.  I believe the Icelanders and the Europeans would say they are significant. Probably the Filipinos, Hawaiians, and Pacific north westerners would also concur. We can’t control those things, but we can try to at least tread a little lighter; we all want to do what we can to preserve this really cool place we live: EARTH


As avid gardeners, we try to get the most out of our plants; click here to learn more about raised bed gardening.   Speaking of raised, I was raised in a time where commercial chemical fertilizers were the accepted norm.  I have really seen the light on this issue.  Even though chemical fertilizers give a quick punch that is readily available to the plant, too often much of the nutrition gets away…way down stream.  That is what makes organics a really great choice.  Leaching is almost non-existent.  In addition to that, the organic soils we sell, EarthMix®, have mycorrhizae fungi (one of nature’s little helpers that enable plants to more fully uptake available nutrition) and humic acid, an essential part of organic soil conditioning.


We’re always talking about plants and trees and such. Austin Lohin discusses pertinent trees to consider, by clicking here.  Learn the processes associated with attaining the most predictable success.  This week on “The At Home Show”, we welcome guest host, Brent Grunfeld of Monrovia.  Not only will we be discussing Monrovia plants, we’ll discuss your garden and landscape challenges. Call us; leave a message, either voice or text, and we’ll discuss!  615-499-6690 Saturday, 8am!


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