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The Value of Planning

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The Value of Planning

Renowned horticulturalist, Nicholas Staddon visits, “The At Home Show”, Saturday 8am!

It’s that time of year.  Spring has sprung, flowering trees, shrubs, and bulbs are putting on a show.  Gardeners everywhere are ‘feeling it’. It is time to embrace the soil between your fingers, and sunshine on your face.  It is truly a magical experience.


At Bates Nursery, we feel genuinely privileged to have the opportunity to share our expertise, and our enthusiasm, with you.  It's an exciting time of year.  We want you to have the best possible gardening experience.  To be sure, we make our living from the sale of plants and things that go with them.  That said, we do not view ourselves as “plant salespeople”.  We’re not here to ‘sell’ you anything, we are here to help you in your decision making process regarding your landscape.


It is time to provide a reminder.  It is still March.  Our average last frost date is April 15.  Planting warm season annuals, at this time, is risky.  We currently have cool season vegetable plants and flowers, as well as warm season vegetable plants and flowers.  It is a great time for cool season annuals, but a bit early, statistically speaking, for warm season annuals.  I suggest you wait a couple of weeks before planting tomatoes, peppers, wax begonias and such, unless you’re prepared to protect them, should the likely frost occur.

Successful gardening begins with planning.  I encourage you to take the time to gather all the information you can before you purchase, and plant.  Take photos, make sketches, observe ‘where the sun comes up’ at your home.  Be mindful of existing trees or other structures that create shade.  Are there drainage issues? Armed with that information, we can give you the best recommendations. 


You don’t want to miss Saturday morning, 8am; “The At Home Show”, with special guest Nicholas Staddon.  Nicholas is inspiring, informative, and entertaining. We’ll help you get your gardening weekend started!


A special thanks to Nick Beres of NewsChannel 5+ MorningLine, for having me as a guest this week! 


David Bates


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