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The Gift of Mom

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The Gift of Mom

The inaugural Hillsboro West End Garden Tour is Sunday, Mother’s Day Edition of, “The At Home Show”,  and oh yes, Mother’s Day!


Now don’t think for a moment I listed Mother’s Day last as though it’s on the bottom of the ‘ladder of importance’; you know better than that, and I know better than that.  Our mothers taught us so.  Please don’t be the one who falls for the old, “No, don’t get me anything, all I need is your love” response.  You could go for years trying to recover from a mistake like that.


Admittedly, we’d be really happy to have the opportunity to be your choice for Mother’s Day gift-giving (like a Bates Gift Card that you can purchase online, and email directly to her!), but not all gifts require making a purchase.  If you really want to do something nice for mom, try weeding her favorite flower bed (carefully), tilling up her garden spot or pulling up those awful hedges that are growing out-of-control.  Okay, while you’re at it you might buy her a rose, that continues to bloom all summer!  Remember every day: The Gift of Mom.

On Sunday, May 8th, from 1:00 - 5:00 PM, the Hillsboro-West End Neighborhood Association is holding its inaugural Garden Tour. Ticketholders can enjoy visiting urban, walkable gardens in this premier historic neighborhood. Come marvel at your neighbors' charming and creative gardens in this family-friendly event! The tour start location is the corner of Blair Boulevard and 25th Avenue, South, Nashville, TN  37212. Check in at the tent to receive your tour bracelets. The weather looks to be 77 degrees and divine! 

Lastly and certainly not least, is another presentation of, “The At Home Show” live, this Saturday at 8am!  We are excited to have special guest Miriam Mimms, ‘in-studio’ for the entire hour.  Miriam will help inform us, regarding the inaugural ‘garden tour’ of the Hillsboro-West End area, and also demonstrate her considerable knowledge…gardening and otherwise.  After all, she is a mom, and mom’s know their stuff!

Have a great Mother’s Day weekend!

David Bates


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