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The Change

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The Change

50% off selected pottery plus 50% off Proganix™ – o and Proganix™ – i


Warm beverages and snacks seem to be ever more present as the upcoming holiday season approaches.  Don’t worry about the calories; you’ll burn them off digging holes and planting.  There’s nothing like aerobic leaf raking to get the blood pumping.  This is the best time of year for working in the garden!


On a seemingly unrelated tangent, the time changed this past weekend. One additional random thought: you might consider checking out your night-lights.  The short day length does make for some adjustment when gardening.  Either you have to become a morning person and utilize the morning availability of sunlight, or do a work-around. 


If gardening at dawn is not a viable option, a portable set of LED or fluorescent lights with a 50 to 100’ extension cord works well to extend the day.  Depending on what you get, those can be had for $30 to $50 at the box stores.  Well worth the money for any outdoor project that would otherwise get stopped by darkness.  Besides, if you’re not a morning person already, it’s doubtful it’ll happen now.


We’ve got it all for your garden.  This is no time to avoid ‘de-voiding’ the holes in your landscape.  While cool season plant selections are sparse elsewhere, we are fully stocked and ready to help you through the sometimes-difficult process of choosing.   Take photos, bring them along, play show and tell with us.  We’ll do our best to help. 


You may be in need of a couple of planters outside the front door or inside your home.  We've put together a large selection of pottery, specially marked, near the checkout area.  These items are all 50% off; and to make the deal even sweeter, Proganix™ - o and Proganix™ - i are additionally on sale, also at 50% off.  Sale ends Thursday November 14, 2019.


I have started a new Facebook page, In the Garden with Bates Nursery.  More frequent, questionable information from me, whenever you are so inclined! Simply click here to view and follow!



David Bates


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