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Stuck In My Head

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Stuck In My Head

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Every so often I seem to get infected.  I am not suffering from any diagnosed malady. To my thinking, I have developed a musical lesion on my brain.  There is a spot within my cranium that ‘samples’ and ‘stores’ a loop of a song. It could be any song. 


For the past month, it has been, “We’ve Only Just Begun” performed by The Carpenters.  Well, part of it anyway.  That song was co-written by Paul Williams, and last month, while on vacation, a friend and I watched a program about Paul.  (On a side note, I have had the pleasure of meeting Paul on several occasions; the friend I watched, “Still Alive” with, is a mutual friend of Paul’s and mine.)  That 2012 movie is a documentary of the 70’s icon.


Obviously, somewhere in the movie, a bit of the aforementioned song was played.  My sick mind has taken over, and over, and over…  There is nothing particularly noteworthy personally about the song to me.  It could be any song; it just happens to be this song, this time. I never know how long the symptoms will last.  It is not as though a song gets stuck so profoundly that the loop is continuous; but like a summer cold, it seems to linger, and seemingly takes forever to go away.


Actually, I no longer try to actively exorcise those lyrical demons; that only seems to make it worse.  Time is the only known cure. It is my hope that your reading of my condition does not prove to be contagious to you.  It is not so bad having Karen Carpenter’s voice rolling across your synapses; she had quite a pleasant vocal style. I just hope and pray the Tiny Tim variant does not attack.  Be careful what you listen to!


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David Bates


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