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Spring is Arriving

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Spring is Arriving

Bates Nursery Botanical BootCamp


You can feel it.  Pulses are quickening.  Pupils are dilating.  Nostrils are flaring.  Senses are heightened.  Urgency is increasing. Questions are asked. Answers are forthcoming.  Winter departs.  Spring is Arriving.


The weather is improving.  The days are longer.  The time has changed.  Now open daily.  Inventory is arriving.  Merchandise is displayed.  Tags are attached.  Coffee consumed.  Trucks are unloading.  Aisles are swept.  Aisles are swept again, and again.  Flagging tape received. Sold tags procured. Trucks are still unloading.  Spring is Arriving.


Questions are many.  Expertise is available.  EarthMix® is ready. Trucks are unloading.  Pottery abounds. Boxwoods are hedging. Topiaries are not normal.  Edibles are yummy. Blueberries are best. Fruit trees: fabulous. Tomatoes are few. Cool season veggies are now.  Spring is Arriving.


Perennials come back. Japanese maples strike awe. Camellias are charming. Conifers are colorful.  Magnolias are magnificent. Laurels are not for resting on.  Hollies are berried. Statuary is low maintenance. Bathing facilities for birds available. Kneeling pads prevent knee pain.  Organics make everything nice.  Checkouts are many.  Trowels are available for every occasion.  More coffee consumed.  More trucks unloaded.  Spring is Arriving.


You will see many recognizable faces.  You will see new faces.  You might even see my old face.   You need to take photos.  Photos of your landscape and garden, that is.  Please bring them along.  We want to help you make good gardening decisions…the first time, every time.  We’ve been doing this a while.  This is our 90th year.  We appreciate the opportunity! And yes, spring is arriving!


We are now open Sundays from Noon until 4pm.  Our business hours are daily available 9am to 4pm Monday through Saturday.  We have nearly completed all renovations to our new greenhouse and shade areas; we think you’ll enjoy the more spacious shopping.  We’re here to provide information, and have a bit of fun along the way.  Another truck just pulled in.  Spring is Arriving.


A special ‘thanks’ to Garden and Gun magazine for naming Bates Nursery one of their favorite 15 nurseries and garden centers in the southeast!


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