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Someone Took My...

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Someone Took My...

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I have been working on a lot of projects lately.  Many tools are required.  Those tools include, but are not limited to: wrenches, drills, screwdrivers, saws, pliers, clamps, gauges, wire nuts, and of course, tape.   Invariably, when I turn my back, or take a few steps away for just a moment, someone takes something I am using and desperately need.  I cannot finish what I am doing without it.  Who would take it?  Why would they take it? Surely they know I need it, or I wouldn’t have it here, carefully piled with everything else I desperately need. There are 15 people working here today, it could be any one of them. 


No, no wait.  Nobody took it. They didn’t take it.  There has been no one else around.  Perhaps I moved it; set it aside.  But where?  I just had it.  It was right here.  I was using it only a minute ago.  Where could it have possibly gone?  I’m telling you, it was right here!  Let me think.  Where have I been?  Have I lost my mind?  I just had the 5/16” combination ratchet/open end wrench in my hand.  I have to have that wrench.  It is the only tool that will work; and I can’t finish until I find it.


As a last resort, I resign myself to the fact that whomever took it is not going to bring it back. 


It is gone. 


I am forced to go the hardware store and buy yet another special wrench, that I already have one of, that somebody took.  They could have at least asked!  I drive five miles.  I find the replacement.  I stand in line to pay.  I am given the amount.  I reach in my pocket for money.  I bring the money out…along with the missing wrench.  Now I remember putting it in there…so I wouldn’t lose it!


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David Bates



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