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Shaping Things Up (be)for(e) Fall

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Shaping Things Up (be)for(e) Fall

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We’re coming down to the wire.  The time is nigh upon us.  They who hesitate are lost. A stitch in time saves nine. Things are more like they are now than they ever have been.  Okay, that last one doesn’t apply, or does it?  The point is: Do not delay if you are thinking of trimming most plants.  It may be that you are seeing signs of new growth since we have had rain.  If you are debating about whether to trim or not, chances are, this is your last best opportunity for this growing season. 


The reason this is such a good time for many plants is that they will have time to flush new growth.  That growth will have ample time to properly ‘harden-off’ before the freezes of November.  It may seem that November is too far away to worry about.  It might be true in other parts of your life, but where your plants are concerned, the time is now, through the end of July, to take out your shears, and restore better order to your garden. 


It is also a great time to fertilize.  Fertilizer helps give those plants nutrition to push the new growth out and restore the vitality that might have been lost during the drought/heat wave.   I strongly recommend using organic fertilizers, from Espoma®.


The area rains have brought a welcome reprieve to the heat.  The prospects for more precipitation are promising.  I invite you to come out, bring photos of the landscape areas that need attention. See the extensive selection we have for you, even in mid-summer.  Our professionals will help you make the best choices for your particular situation.  Through the end of business on Thursday July 30, all plants in-store* are 20% off, for you, as a BatesRewards member!


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