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September Adieu

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September Adieu

Wall to wall color for you!


September is departing, and with fall officially here, it is time for us to embrace the transitions that come with changing seasons.  In case you haven’t noticed, we generally get little rain this time of year.  In fact, September and October are the driest months on average each year. We have been fortunate most of 2023 to have adequate rainfall.  It has seemed that whenever we have really needed rain, we have received it.  Our weather forecast for the next several days does give us some chance of light rainfall.  It would appear it might only be enough to settle the dust.  Even that is beneficial.  It may not do much for gardening, but our sinuses surely will appreciate it.


With the knowledge that less-than-optimal moisture conditions exist in your landscape, getting water in the soil prior to planting makes the process infinitely easier.  It is important to note I mentioned prior to planting.  Since there is much to plant this time of year, that activity is made significantly easier with additional soil moisture.  I recommend using a soaker hose on the area where planting is to occur.  Soaker hoses will allow for slow application of water and, if done properly, accomplish without any water runoff.  Yes, you could use a conventional sprinkler, but an inordinately large amount of water simply vaporizes; never reaching the ground.  By soaking the ground slowly and thoroughly a day or two prior to planting, not only will the ground be easier to dig, but the watering done immediately after planting will be much more effective.


Ask your gardening questions here; we’ll get your questions answered on, “The At Home Show”, Live, every Saturday morning at 8; or on your schedule, along with our newly rebranded ‘audio only, podcast: Gardening Inside Out…we keep you growing every day!


Pardon our mess! We’re about ten days away from installing new pavement.  The summer-long parking lot project, light at the end of the tunnel event, is approaching.  It will eliminate our dusty ambience…thanks for your patience and patronage!


David Bates


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