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Schip Thirty

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Schip Thirty

We’re celebrating Thirty thousand subscribers!  All Schip Laurels 30% off! EarthMix® Landscape™ 30% off; All vegetables plants FREE, 1 flat per BatesRewards member! In-store purchases only. 


Thirty thousand.  I can honestly say, I never expected for that many individuals, to have interest; who have you been telling? Seriously, shortly after I repossessed my business in 2008, (it’s a long story, can’t get into it at this time) we were cash strapped and hanging on by a thread.  I couldn’t afford to do conventional advertising, besides, in October 2008, the world was going to hell…financially.  You may recall.


I was forced to take whatever we had and ‘work with it’. I remembered I had an email list of 1400 names or so.  I started writing weekly, in spring 2009. Some, 700 or so newsletters later, I’m still writing (right now, at this very moment). Unbelievably, there are about 14,000 different individuals that take the time to read what I put forth…every week.  That blows my mind.


You have probably noticed that my subject matter is ‘all over the map’.  I tried, for about the first 6 months to write nothing but pure gardening…I quickly ran out of material.  I knew I was going to have to ‘broaden’ the subject range a bit, if only to keep myself interested.  I’m grateful you’re interested; I’m grateful for a lot of things, but the fact that you’re willing to extend to me a few minutes of your time each week, really amazes me. Thank you!


So, the point.  I do have a couple of gardening things in mind.  So many people had such severe damage to their laurels, especially Schip Laurels.  We encouraged folks to be patient; that we believed they would sprout new growth.  Gratefully, many have.  Regrettably, not all.  If you’re one of the unfortunate gardeners that still need Schip laurels, we hope to take the ‘sting’ out a bit.  For the next week, we are offering all Schip laurels, and bagged EarthMix® Landscape™ at 30% off!  Additionally, all vegetable plants are FREE, 1 flat per BatesRewards member, while supplies last! In-store purchases only. 


David Bates


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