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Rosy July

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Rosy July

25% off ALL Roses; FREE EarthMix® Veragra™(with any purchase*) and FREE Annuals(on benches 206 & 207**)!


July arrives, and the garden transforms into a whimsical wonderland. With temperatures that don't leave us sizzling like burnt veggies on a grill, and rainfall that makes the plants do a happy dance, gardening becomes an absolute rosy delight!


July brings us a mild breeze, making it the perfect time to strut around the garden with our floppy sunhats and watering cans. The plants bask in the warm but not-too-hot weather, stretching their leaves and flaunting their colors like divas on a red carpet.


And oh, the rain! It falls like free EarthMix® Veragra™ from the sky, enriching the depleted soil and turning our plants into rockstars. They gobble down the nutrients, grow tall and strong, and practically serenade us with their vibrant blossoms. With these ideal conditions, our gardening options skyrocket! We can finally grow our precious roses without worrying they'll turn into crispy fries.


July's beauty lies in its simplicity. Amidst the chaos of life, we find solace in nurturing the earth. So grab your gardening gloves (if you can find them), and dive into this blooming adventure. Revel in the magical dance between nature and your green thumbs.


This July, let's embrace the rosy days and shriek alongside their blossoms. (If the neighbors aren’t looking, you’re not ‘selling’ it!)  So go forth, my gardening friend, and let this rosy July be a reminder that happiness grows in the most unexpected places (as long as those unexpected places are in the garden).


Speaking of unexpected, here’s something: Annual flowers and plants on benches 206 and 207 are FREE, while supplies last, first come, first served**.  Additionally, we are offering a FREE bag of EarthMix® Veragra, a $16.99 value, with any purchase, limit one per BatesRewards member*.  And speaking of rosy, ALL roses are 25% off!


Despite all this rosy talk, I know you have questions! Create your gardening inquiries and submit them here.  We answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”. We keep you growing!


David Bates


  1. Tyler Tyler

    Hi Bonnie, it's getting near time to plant just about any plant you like! Fall is usually the best time to plant, you can plant in Summer you just have to prepare to water more.

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