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Rocktober Arrives!

Rocktober Arrives!

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As you know, I try to keep this newsletter within tightly controlled, self-imposed guidelines: 350 words, no more or less.  Today, as is frequently the case, I am suffering from information overload.  Actually, we all suffer from that.  By taking a few words to acknowledge that fact, I hope to demonstrate the point of selective reading.  You can selectively choose to click on any of the ‘words in color’ or not.  They may not all be of interest to you.  There are nuggets of interest however, should you choose to click.


Rocktober arrives with the pumpkins and the gourds.  We have a wonderful selection of locally grown pepos, right out front! They will go quickly!  Another thing going quickly are fall veggies.  Our supplies are diminishing, if you are a fall vegetable gardening fan… act now.  Fortunately, we are fully stocked on pansies, violas, and their hybrid offspring, ColorMax!


We did receive our shipment of small fruiting shrubs and plants.  We also topped off our fruit tree selection with a great many smaller selections, as well as a few larger specimens.  Tree planting instructions are here. Need to ‘brush up’ on your tree selections?  Austin demonstrates, here.  If you happen to be more focused on natives, check out some, American Beauties here and an in-depth overview of pollinators and natives information, here by Joy.


As you can imagine, it takes a lot of highly motivated, fun-loving, personable individuals to do what we do here at Bates.  We cannot create the presentations and transmit the information and prepare for our continued growth without talented and creative individuals.  This is where you come in.  Perhaps it’s you, or someone you know.  We have a number of seasonal/part-time and full time positions available. Whether you’re looking for a career move, or needing to pick up a few extra hours a week: Simply click here for full detailsI think it might be you.


Lastly, “The At Home Show” airs live Saturday 8a; on-demand anytime!


David Bates


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