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Return to the Eighties

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Return to the Eighties

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I’m not referring to the decade of musical uncertainty.   There was some good music from the eighties, but there were many more question marks.  And no, we’re not doing an MTV tribute week over the PA.  From that point-of-view, 'the nineties' looked rather attractive.  However, what has been on all of our minds is the hot weather. That interpretation of 'the nineties' has not been so welcome. It certainly seemed to be a cruel springtime transition. The past week gave every indication that spring-like weather was over.  Daily high temperatures in the nineties will do that.  Fortunately, today, and for at least the week ahead, we return to the eighties


Hopefully many of us will catch a shower today, but even if you do, you still need to water.  All gardeners know that watering is a summer-long endeavor.  The knowledge of that is what actually separates true gardeners from wannabe’s.   Those less experienced among us may claim to not ‘have luck’ with many plants, particularly as the weather warms.  In reality, luck rarely enters into the equation of success in growing plants.


After a record wet year in 2018, and a very wet January, February, and early March, the rainfall curtailed…dramatically.  Many lawns are showing signs of stress.  That should be a visual reminder for you.  We are, to this point, benefitting from the last year’s rainfall.  That benefit is dwindling quickly.  Having temperatures, Return to the Eighties, will slow evaporation and transpiration, but in many areas, the ground is already dry.  Don’t forget to water.


You might draw a conclusion that it is now too late to plant.  Not so.  Everything already planted this spring will need watering all summer anyway.  So, since you’ve got the hose out, you might as well catch a few excellent deals we have to offer. 50%OFF of all vegetable plants, bags of EarthMix® Garden, Climbing and Patio tree roses, plus big savings on ‘in-store’ specials; check with our staff for details!


David Bates


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