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The heat of June subsides; a moist (?) July 4th weekend coming up!?!


Usually August follows July, this year it preceded it.  July certainly could not have arrived at a better time.  The change-for-better weather pattern we have now is welcome, to say the least.  You can’t help but get enthused about it.  A shift to a ‘lower gear’ temperature-wise combined with an increased chance of rainfall, makes for an unusually welcome July forecast.  We’ve endured this wave of extreme climatic conditions, and there’s still a lot of summer to follow. 


Everyone has July 4th celebrations coming up.  We’re no exception.  Since our nation’s birthday lands on Monday this year, it is convenient for ‘extending’ the weekend for most folks.  While we will be open Saturday per usual, we have now assumed our normal summer hours routine.  Already closed on Sundays until fall, we will additionally be closed Monday, July 4, 2022. 


We will be celebrating our relief and independence, from the extreme heat (and Great Britain).  We do so by expanding our sale from last week.  While supplies last, all remaining vegetable plants, and flowering annuals in our newly renovated annual greenhouse will now be 50% off!*  We also extend the sale to Kimberly Queen ferns and Macho ferns, also 50% off!* To further reinforce the sale, and the need for relief, we will additionally offer EarthMix® ReLeaf™ in 20-liter bags at 50% off!*


EarthMix® ReLeaf™ is great for providing relief from hot, dry conditions in your vegetable garden, or any planting!  ReLeaf™ is 100% pure, composted and screened, leaf compost.  It has a natural moisture holding capacity, that offers your plants stress relief from hot, dry soil conditions, by providing a layer of 100% organic, ready-to-use product.  Not only will EarthMix® ReLeaf™ help retain moisture, but it also aids in natural weed control, as well as cooling surface soil temperatures!


Get much needed relief for your garden with ReLeaf™ at 50% off*, in 20 L bags, while supplies last, or through Thursday July 7, whichever comes first.


Wishing you a safe and joyous July 4th weekend!


David Bates


*All Sale items "in-store" only


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