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Reality Check

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Reality Check

Spring forward stretches our hours; now open Sundays Noon-4p!


I hope you took full advantage of your opportunity to bask in the sun the past days, for this weekend brings change.  Where last Saturday we were greeted with welcoming warmth, this Saturday, we have no such luck.  We’ll be lucky to hit 40, with part-sun conditions.  With overnight low temperatures predicted in the 20’s and available moisture in the atmosphere, we are looking at a CHANCE of light snow flurries on Friday night.  That’s right, I said it: Snow. Go ahead and make a Kroger run.


The weather last week was glorious. To this point of the week, it has been pretty nice as well. Abundant sunshine and light breezes can’t help but get you into the gardening spirit.  With all of the plants in flower and leaves popping everywhere, it surely is spring…right?  Spring is a relative term.  Like the homonym sister that stretches and bounces, the spring-like weather we are all experiencing indeed seems set on yet another…Boing! It is important to remember that the weather has been ‘spring-like’; it is still winter, but only for a couple of more weeks.


As far as concerns with respect to your gardens and landscape go, there may be some legitimate consternation areas, but for most things, there is nothing to do.  Freezing conditions will not kill your trees and shrubs, but it can burn open flowers and tender new growth.  The question for most is whether it is worth the effort.  That depends entirely on what plant that is in question and where you live.  Urban dwellers tend to have overnight low temperatures several degrees warmer than outlying, rural areas.  I often detect low temperatures exceeding 10 degrees variance.  Just this morning it was 40 degrees in town, 30 degrees here at the nursery.


Two final notes: Even if it doesn’t feel like spring this weekend, Spring Forward anyway; daylight saving time goes into effect this Sunday at 2am.  Additionally, we are still looking for some additional seasonal workers. Click here for complete information and application. 


David Bates


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