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Planting a Christmas Tree?

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Planting a Christmas Tree?

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It’s officially the time of year where making the decision, frequently a difficult decision, about choosing a Christmas tree, takes place.  There are many ‘schools of thought’ regarding this annual display event.  You may have already made a commitment.  But, if you’re still unsure, be equipped with the best information, to assure yourself of making the right call.


You may know, we only sell living Christmas trees (those are the kind that you plant after Christmas). You probably expect me to make a strong pitch in that direction.  It can be a good choice for many, but not everyone.  If you are planning on putting your tree in the house for multiple weeks, I suggest you avoid purchasing a living Christmas tree. You read correctly.  If you plan on buying a living tree and planting after Christmas and having it live through the holidays and grow in the spring, you should probably only plan on keeping a living tree inside 7-10 days…at most.


These dormant plants, left inside for longer periods, are likely to break dormancy…they believe it’s spring. When planted outdoors, in what will officially be winter, can put even very winter hardy plants into a non-survivable stress situation.  Here are a few tips that will help; in the event you choose a living tree.


Be prepared to greatly shorten the time the tree is in the house.  It is also helpful to “close off” the room and the heating vents, to keep that room cooler than the rest of the house.  It is also helpful to ‘water’ with ice, as the melting ice keeps the root ball much cooler, thereby keeping plant dormant. 


Decorating the tree outside on the deck or patio, or in the ground, will allow for unlimited time of enjoyment. 


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David Bates


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