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Not Just Talking Heads

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20% off All* Landscape plants & bagged EarthMix® Landscape™


We try not to be another one of those talking heads.  Let us plan, together.  A really good plan.  A plan starts with photos and measurements.  The photos don’t have to be studio quality.  The measurements need not be to the inch. The general direction your spot faces is good information to know.  Location of trees or structures helps a lot.  We can help you figure out how to get the right plants in the right place, the first time.


And you may ask yourself, “Am I really contemplating planting?”  And you may ask yourself, “I have no plan, what will I do?” And you may tell yourself, “This is my house, I need a tree.” And you may tell yourself, “I have a perfectly good shovel and a place that needs greenery.”  And you may hear yourself, “That voice sounds familiar.”  And you may know yourself, “I have a garden hose and I know how to use it.” And you may be yourself, “I know it’s August, I’m going to plant anyway!” Same as it ever was…


Significant savings are in store, as well as in-store.  It is August; the weather says it’s a great time for planting.  20% off All* Landscape plants & bagged EarthMix® Landscape™ continues through Thursday August 24, 2023.


Do you have gardening questions to ask our ‘talking heads’? Ask your questions here; we’ll get your questions answered on, “The At Home Show”, Live, every Saturday morning at 8; or on your schedule, along with our new ‘audio only’, pared down podcast version on YouTube Music…we help you grow, successfully, every day!


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David Bates


*excluding tropicals and Japanese maples


  1. Robert N Beck Robert N Beck

    Bates team is one of the most knowledgeable nursery & garden people we have ever worked with. We recommend them to our clients at our real estate company Premiere Properties Group.

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