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Just Shy of Ninety

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Just Shy of Ninety

20% off All* Trees, and bagged EarthMix® Landscape extended one week!


I don’t pretend to understand it, and I can’t explain it.  It’s been a while since this previously occurred; probably more than five years. We are approaching mid-August, and there are high temperatures, forecast to be, just shy of ninety.  In fact, no ninety-degree high temperatures are forecast for the foreseeable future. There are only a couple of days where temperatures are above 88 degrees.  When you combine somewhat lower humidity with milder temperatures, it makes for lovely early-October weather, there’s just one thing: it’s August.


With our average annual rainfall already nearly met, and more rainfall and showers in the forecast, conditions are perfect for fall planting…in the middle of summer.  It’s not just great planting conditions; it is great saving conditions as well!  This is when being a BatesRewards member pays huge dividends.  We are extending our all-inclusive, better-than-most, 20% off All* trees and 20% off bagged EarthMix® Landscape™ sale, for yet another week.  I simply can’t come up with an alternative offering that hits the gardening ‘sweet-spot’ better. If the weather has you in a ‘fall mood’, planting trees are in your thoughts.


You know the drill; bring in photos on your smartphone or tablet.  That gives our horticultural professionals much needed insight into your unique landscape situation.  We want you to get the right trees/plants in the right place, the first time.  By the way, there are no quantity restrictions


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Ask your questions here; we’ll get your questions answered on, “The At Home Show”, Live, every Saturday morning at 8; or on your schedule, along with our newaudio only’, pared down podcast version…we help you grow, successfully!


David Bates


*excluding Japanese maples; In-store purchases only; web orders excluded.


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