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Just Around the Bend

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Just Around the Bend

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With September only a week away, the unofficial beginning of fall is in sight.  Even though we have nearly a month of actual summer remaining, it is time to briefly reflect on the summer of ’23 in Middle Tennessee. 


We have had some hot days, to be sure.  What has been the dominant force, by my recollection, is the regularity of rainfall.  We have been truly fortunate in that respect.  Where weather elsewhere has frequently been either drought stricken or ravaged by flooding, ours has been comparatively of the Goldilocks variety, just right.  The single biggest challenge most of us have faced is keeping the grass cut.


Mild temperatures of the past week can’t help but turn your thoughts towards planting. It also makes many of us think about football, perhaps more on that at a later time.  A prime opportunity for late-summer planting is here upon us.  All of the moisture makes for comparatively easy digging conditions.  That soil moisture also makes for easier maintenance: it is far easier to keep plants watered properly when the soil the surrounding the root ball is not wicking away the water you just applied.


As we continue to make progress on our, 'throughout the summer-long project', of the complete overhaul of our parking areas, (it’s really happening!) it occurs to me that it is time to pass along a great opportunity to you.  Beginning tomorrow our, Just Around the Bend; End of August Special, 20% off All* Plants, All Containers and bagged Proganix™ -I & Proganix™ -O sale begins.  The sale ends Thursday August 31st, at the close of business.


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David Bates


* excluding Japanese maples


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