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June Time

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June Time

All vegetable plants now 75% off*…while supplies last! *in-store purchases only


Isn’t it hard to believe? It feels like just yesterday, it was May… if you're reading this on Thursday, it's because yesterday was indeed May. Well, it was the last day of May. Let's not dwell on the past. Instead, let's be present in the here and now, always looking forward. One of the things we can look forward to is summer, which will return in only 20 days at most. After summer arrives, the days will start to get shorter, although it takes some time for that change to become noticeable.


What has become quite noticeable to me is how early daylight arrives. I'm an early riser, but even I find it increasingly challenging to get up before there's any sign of daylight. While I don't necessarily aim to head to work in darkness, I've simply grown accustomed to it. Perhaps it's just me, but as I drive to the nursery, I often imagine the Earth revolving around the sun, with our North Pole seemingly pointing directly at the sun. I suppose most people rely on coffee to awaken.


Nevertheless, please know that we remain dedicated plant procurers. You'd have to wake up pretty early in the morning to find someone more obsessed with plants than me. As I've mentioned before, I rise early every single day. So, go ahead and sleep in, rest assured that we have your plant needs covered. Boy, oh boy, do we! During this time of year, it is typical for seasonal plant sellers to have a limited inventory or shut down altogether. But we're here year-round, offering an incredible variety of everything you need for your garden.


We have trees, shrubs, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, fruiting plants, perennials, annuals, tropicals, topiaries, soils, mulches, amendments, and expertise. Now hear this: All vegetable plants are now 75%* off, through June 8! We also answer your questions, every Saturday morning: “The At Home Show”.  Divulge your gardening inquiries and please, submit them here.  We keep you growing… all year long! 


We're here to assist you,


David Bates


*In-store purchases only. 



  1. Tyler Tyler

    We have an eastern snowball viburnum that bloom in late spring. If you're looking for a hydrangea with white blooms similar to that, you might want to try Incrediball™ Hydrangea if you have part sun, or White Wedding if you have full sun

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