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Julyin' To Me?

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Julyin' To Me?

It’s true: All Monrovia plants 15% off* through July 16th


Now that we have all settled into July, we can agree that it is indeed summer weather, but not to the extreme.  Compared to last year where it seemed we were roasting, we have experienced a comparatively cooler and wetter beginning to summer.  With high temperatures generally in the low 90’s (even upper 80’s some days) and scattered showers, everything seems to be growing well. 


It is a great time to think about applying organic fertilizer to the gardens/landscape.  Organic fertilizers are great in that they release their nutrition slowly.  This alleviates concerns of burning tender plants.   In fact, it is almost impossible to over-apply organic fertilizer.  That is good news for those of us who may at times be a bit hap-hazard when taking on such tasks.  We carry a complete line of Espoma® brand of organic fertilizers for any plant.


The beauty of container-grown plants is most appreciated at this time of year.  In years past, thinking of planting in the summer was crazy talk; now commonplace.  Container-grown plants never suffer from transplant shock as can balled and burlapped plants: their roots are never cut.  That is great news for avid gardeners, with effects from seasonal swings held to a minimum.  To be sure, watering in the summer takes on a heightened sense of urgency, but you are already watering spring plantings all summer anyway…so what’s a few more?


Through Thursday July 16th we are offering substantial savings.  Beginning Friday July 10th, BatesRewards members will receive 15% off all Monrovia plants*.  If you need to complete a project at home or your office, now is a perfect time…all Monrovia plants*, 15% off!


We’ve got the free bottled water on ice for you while you shop, so grab your hat and come on out; we look forward to seeing you!  Make sure to bring pictures on your smartphone or tablet, and we’ll help you through the decision process.


The At Home Show; Saturdays from 8-9a central time!


David Bates


* in-store purchases only; web orders excluded


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