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It’s a Pretty Good Deal

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It’s a Pretty Good Deal

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At some point in life we all become more cognizant of the effects of aging.  Just after that realization, many people, like me, attempt to retard that inevitable process. I had enjoyed running for many years, up until about five years ago; my knees were getting sore.  I finally gave up running for other exercise, but I never found biking or elliptical machines to be as satisfying.


About four years ago, I began to slowly work my way back into running.  I had been running a short 1.3-mile run, while gradually increasing the frequency.  Feeling quite well that morning, I decided to increase the distance a bit; 2.25 miles seemed easily attainable.


I ran the road, before daylight.  I always knew it was dangerous.  But, I took extreme measures to insure my visibility.  I wore a Sugoi jacket/vest that reflects so much light it appears to run on batteries.  I also wore a flashing LED armband.  I watched the traffic carefully, and crossed traffic in marked ‘Cross-Walk’ areas. 


That morning I came to a crosswalk I have crossed many hundreds of times.  Traffic stopped.  I gave my customary wave to the motionless vehicles as I proceeded across the marked crosswalk.  After passing the first vehicle, and approaching the second, the second vehicle suddenly, and unexpectedly, took off.  I tried to stop.  I could notMomentum carried me forward and down onto the street, directly into the path of the vehicle.


My life didn’t flash before my eyes.  It was a feeling of acceptance that ‘this is it’.  The tires of the vehicle bumped my ribcage.  I got up from under the ‘bumper’ of the car with bloodied knees and elbows, looked into the car’s tinted windshield, and resumed my run. As it turns out, it was my last run.


I still miss running, but I still haven’t missed a birthday.  It’s a pretty good deal.


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David Bates


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