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Iseli Art

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Iseli Art

Explore our exhibit of exquisite creations from this incredible innovator…


The world of horticulture is a tapestry of appeal and allure. No one showcases this better than Iseli Nursery. Renowned for their stunning collection of Japanese maples and conifers, Iseli Nursery has just delivered a treasure trove of these exquisite plants to Bates Nursery, much to the delight of us all.


Japanese maples are a true gem in the horticultural world. Their distinctive, intricate foliage and elegant structure make them a favorite. Iseli Nursery has earned a reputation for cultivating a wide variety of Japanese maple cultivars, each with its unique blend of leaf shapes, colors, and growth habits.


Iseli Nursery's magic doesn't end there. Their collection of conifers is equally mesmerizing. Conifers are the backbone of many landscapes, providing year-round structure, texture, and color. The nursery boasts an impressive selection. Iseli Nursery's conifers offer a breathtaking array of shapes, sizes, and hues, making them a vital addition to any garden or outdoor space.


This week’s arrival of a full semi-truck load of Iseli Nursery's Japanese maples and conifers is a horticultural event to be celebrated! Gardeners can now explore an unparalleled selection; each plant a living work of art, waiting to enhance your outdoor space. With the changing seasons, these plants will paint the landscape with an ever-evolving palette of colors and textures, creating a captivating outdoor sanctuary.


Iseli Nursery's Japanese maples and conifers are botanical treasures that have found a home at Bates Nursery, adding a touch of magic and wonder to the world. As the seasons change, so too will the landscape, transformed by the incredible beauty and diversity of these plants. For anyone seeking to create a garden or landscape that truly stands out, the arrival of this week’s shipment at Bates Nursery, is an exciting opportunity to embark on a horticultural journey, filled with endless possibilities.


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David Bates


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