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Into the Abyss

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Into the Abyss

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I am a deep thinker.  I at least fancy myself as a deep thinker.  I think a lot.  I ponder the great mysteries of life.  I delve into areas of reflective, as well as forecastive introspect, where others dare not venture.  Deep. Very deep.  Deeper still. 


I don’t watch the news.  I make up my own.  It’s hot today, but you knew that already.  That has been a headline on my own personal newscast all day today. According to sources wishing to remain anonymous, it will likely be hot again tomorrowBREAKING NEWS: This just in, it is the middle of July...


I have just now realized that I am not a deep thinker.  What I am is an extremely thorough shallow thinker.  I absolutely think the obvious to death.  Other times I simply take a nap.  Naps are the highest form of meditation.  I am really into meditation.  I don’t really get tired, but sometimes I really need to meditate for about 20 minutes; especially just after lunch.


Occasionally, I take a break from all this thought.  I do think about taking a break from it. Usually, I get distracted by another news story in my head, and then completely forget about whatever it was that I was trying to not think about.  Best I remember, anyway. 


Before the channel surfing in my brain resumes, I need to say that even though it has been reported that it is hot, there is still an apparent good reason to get out and wade through the moisture-laden atmosphere.  That reason is a sale.  This is the sale you would choose for yourself, if you could do that.  I know it is true: I just heard it on the news. ALL PLANTS 15% OFF! * That’s right, every growing thing is 15% off. Sale is limited to in-store purchases only. Iced bottled water is also an exception…because it is FREE (yes, in-store only)!  Hurry out, grab an umbrella for shade, and come see us! 15% off all plants* ends July 22nd!




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