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Improving Conditions

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Improving Conditions

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In the last newsletter, I addressed the challenging dry conditions impacting our gardens. Today, I bring you a hopeful update. The latest weather forecasts suggest a much-anticipated shift towards better soil moisture conditions, a boon for our gardens, as well as our holiday spirits.


This Friday, we can expect a gentle 'shower', a precursor to more rainfall slated for Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning. Predictions indicate we might receive an additional inch of rain, significantly benefiting our thirsty gardens. Following this early week precipitation, we are also looking forward to more seasonable weather, particularly in terms of temperature. This delightful combination heralds what we've been waiting for: prime planting weather!


At Bates Nursery, our inventory is robust, with a diverse range of plants and gardening essentials. This ensures you have the best selection for your projects. Whether you're an experienced gardener or just beginning to explore the joys of growing, remember, you're not alone in this journey. Our knowledgeable team is always here to help you make the most suitable choices for your landscape. To assist us in providing you with personalized recommendations, we encourage you to bring photos of your garden spaces. This allows us to visualize and understand your specific situation.


This week's episode of "Gardening Inside Out" focuses on this timely topic: “Preparing your fall garden for the holiday season”. This episode will be packed with tips and tricks that will help you create and maintain a festive garden. Make sure to catch this episode, live 8am CST Saturday mornings, or “On-Demand”, when your schedule allows,  and follow "Gardening Inside Out" on Instagram, Facebook, and our weekly podcast for continuous gardening inspiration and advice.


At Bates Nursery, we pride ourselves on being more than just a plant nursery; we're a community of passionate gardeners dedicated to sharing our love for gardening. With these improving weather conditions, let's seize the opportunity to cultivate beauty in our surroundings.


We’re here to help you get your landscape to its best, and experience the joy of successful gardening.


David Bates


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